Friday, December 6, 2013

We're Sprouting Up At Union Market DC!

We're excited to announce that starting this weekend, we'll be sprouting up at Union Market DC as their pop-up Christmas tree vendor for the month of December!  We'll be there Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays through Christmas offering a gorgeous selection of fresh cut, East Coast sourced, Fraser Fir trees.  So, if you're in the District stop by and say "hi" to our crew!  

Haven't been to Union Market yet?  Then as foodies, it's a pilgrimage you NEED to make.  I finally made it up there this week when we went to deliver all the paperwork and make it official, and man did I have food A.D.D. the minute I walked in.  The teas from Pearl Fine Teas are exquisite, the blonde chocolates at Co Co. Sala are like caramelly-chocolately nibs of deliciousness, and be warned, if you even walk near Salt & Sundry you will want to max out your credit card.  And don't even get me started on the soul-killing pain of knowing that I can't eat any of the fusion delights at Takorean.  Curse you gluten-hating immune system!!!  Oh and if you're a fan of the dairy that we carry (ooo, a rhyme!) from Trickling Springs Creamery, then hold onto your hat because they have a permanent stall...AND...they make milkshakes!  *gasp*  So, to say I'm peeing-my-pants excited that Nalls gets to be a part of all of this for the month of December is a vast understatement.  Feel free to send me super-sized Depends, I need them!

Plus, this is sort of a return to our roots, because way back when our owner, Cary, was carting veggies into the city to sell as wholesale, he was selling at the original Union Market.  It looks a lot different than it used to (but then again, so do we!), but the building you see above that houses the revamped market was the original produce wholesale building.  So we've come full circle, and we're excited to celebrate our return to some old stomping grounds!  We're baaaaaaaaack!

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