Saturday, August 2, 2014

It's Not Just For Baking Anymore

Whenever someone brings fruit into the kitchen, the first thought is always towards the oven and baking it.  Why?  It's summer, right?  You're going to light the grill to make dinner anyway, right?  And the oven's just going to make the house uncomfortably warm, so leave it off.

See all these beautiful melons?

Any of them, any at all, would be quite comfortable on the grill.  Think about it this way.  When you heat some butter and sugar, what's it turn into?  That's right, caramel.  Lovely, sweet, delicious caramel.  Sugar caramelizes with heat.  Like on the grill.  So take some fruit, any fruit, and slice it.  Dab with just a little olive oil (a little), put it on the grill over direct heat, and leave it until you see nice brown (not black) grill marks.  Flip, repeat.  Ta da!  Beautiful!

Photo via Brooklyn Supper
I tried a recipe yesterday that included donut peaches, watermelon, along with some grilled onions and balsamic reduction.  Trust me, there's nothing on this planet that's not delicious with balsamic reduction.  Try me in the comments section.  lol

I'll admit it, I'm kind of a food TV fanatic.  These grilled peaches make for a great dessert.  Or peaches can be a great side to a steak, or a glaze for chicken.  Want more than peaches?  Any stone fruits are awesome grilled.  One of my absolute favorite desserts involves grilled fruit.  I'm going camping next weekend, which means cooking in foil.  And it doesn't have to suck!

So pick up a melon and some peaches, light the grill, and bon appetit!

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