Thursday, January 29, 2015

4 Steps to Make Valentines Day Smoother

Hey Nalls fans! Valerie here, taking over Burt's blog for a sec.

I have been working on a Valentine's Day Project - maybe you took the short survey picking your brain that went out last week? If you did, I totally appreciate your help. It went out to our e-mail list. Not on it? Well, you should be! That's where all the fun stuff gets announced! Join HERE . As a side note, I asked what you do for Valentine's Day -- I was totally insensitive to you singles out there! I apologize! What was I thinking. This project will be able to be used by anyone, because, HINT HINT, we all EAT!

So I have this project that is SO CLOSE to releasing to you guys. You are going to love it!! I am giving you the gift of time and hopefully making the holiday easier so you can enjoy it more!

Watch my shaky, weird, first attempt at a video and you can get my 4 Steps to Make Valentine's Day Smoother, as well as sneak peak at my Valentine's Day project. I would love your input as far as pick up day, I mention that at the very end. So without further adieu, here is my video. Try not to laugh too hard!

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  1. Great ideas! Thank you for getting me thinking about what to do on our special day! I did have a request for duck last week. Your menu box and Springfield Butcher could be the perfect solution!!