Friday, March 8, 2013

Drinking collards

Here is a great article that compares collards to kale.

 Kale is so "in" right now, collards have just been left in their dust. Collard green have a higher yield than kale when juicing and a similar flavor.

A smoothie recipe for you:

Apple Collard Orangeade:
  Makes about 6 cups

1 cup water
1/2–1 cup Orange Juice, fresh of course :)
 3 apples 
 6-8 Leaves Collard Greens.
 2-3 tbs Honey, local raw & unfiltered if this is part of your allergy therapy routine
 6-8 ice cubes

 Pour water & orange juice into blender. Slice apples to remove the core. Add them to the blender Peel the leaves of the stems of the collard greens and add them to the blender as well.Blend

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