Thursday, September 12, 2013

Pan Con Tomate via Saveur

If you've read your spoiler e-mail, you'll know you're getting an extra special surprise in your box tomorrow...a baguette from Panorama Bakery!  No?  Oui!  For those of you who attended our Block Party last Saturday, there's no way you missed Emmanuel from Panorama and the massive bakery display of carb loveliness.  So if you took any of those delights home, you already know how amazing their bread is.  Wait a minute, Tara, aren't you gluten-free, how do you know it's amazing?  Okay so in a moment of weakness, when Emmanuel first brought us samples, my French DNA got the best of me and I tried a nibble of the brioche.  Was it the best bit of bread I ever had in my life?  YES!  Did I pay for it for a few days after?  Ugh, yes.  Was it worth it?  YES!

So back in my gluten-full days, one of my favorite things to do with baguettes or any crusty French bread was to make a traditional Catalan dish of Pan Con Tomate.  Yep, bread with tomatoes.  And since you're getting tomatoes in this week's share too, you've already got half your ingredients!  These make a great appetizer, or pour yourself a glass of wine and slice up some cured meats for a dinner of assorted nibbles.  This recipe below from Saveur calls for you to grate the tomato and then spoon the puree over the bread, but the best way and the traditional Catalan way is to simply rub the slices of tomato onto the toasted bread to infuse it with just enough tomato goodness.  Then just reserve the broken down tomatoes for use in sauce for another meal!

Pan Con Tomate

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