Sunday, February 22, 2015

A Foretaste of Spring

Who has strawberries left from this week's box? I'd bet that several of those boxes never even made it into the house from the car. I know that I ate a few on my way home. Especially with the meteorological nastiness over the last week or so, we're all craving something to remind us of spring. In case you haven't eaten them all already, I'll share two ideas for your remaining strawberries.

Carrots are usually plentiful in winter, and if you have some, try this bundt cake. It wasn't my first thought to add strawberries to a carrot-spice cake, but this works. Don't skip that frosting either, trust me.

Photo via MyRecipes
We used to make something very similar to this cake way back in Scouts. It's a really, really simple recipe, and is a perfect one to get the kids involved in the kitchen. Yes, it calls for 3 pounds of strawberries, but it scales back well.

Up next:  A recipe for roasted groundhog. Look out, Punxsutawney Phil. I'm coming for you.

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