Friday, February 13, 2015

Various Takes on a Favorite Winter Dessert

Either my Midwestern blood is thinning, or holy cow it's cold out there! Let's heat up the oven and bake something, shall we?

I still have a huge load of carrots that went uneaten from the Superbowl. So I have to use them up.  Hence one of my Top 5 Desserts:  Carrot cake. Believe it or not, we had one at our wedding.  (When I suggested that, the catering person looked at me like I had just arrived from Pluto.)
Photo via America's Test Kitchen Feed
The 3,000-calorie-per-slice monstrosity from the Cheesecake Factory isn't the only way to go, you know.  There are other carrot cakes around the world.  This one is Venetian, and mascarpone lends itself every bit as well as cream cheese when it comes to frosting.  This variation, while back at sky-high caloric values, will remind you of your last tropical vacation.  If you'd rather stick to the traditional flavor profile, try making it into a roll cake.

Photo via Crazy For Crust
Remember that this coming Tuesday is Shrove Tuesday, and it's traditional to make pancakes to "use up" the oils and fats in the house before Lent begins.  But nobody says the pancakes themselves have to be traditional!  (A word of advice, though, shred the carrots really fine for those pancakes.)

Photo via Smitten Kitchen

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