Monday, February 2, 2015

Nalls Valentine's Day Dinner Package

Hey Nalls fans! Valerie here, taking over Burt's blog for a sec. AGAIN! Sorry Burt!

As you may recall I have been working on a Valentine's Day Project - I am finally ready to reveal it to all you amazing Nalls fans! The feedback I have gotten so far about both the Dinner Package and the program have been so supportive, I am so thankful that you guys didn't butcher my first video attempt! And it seems like you guys are pretty pumped about the meal concept since it is along the lines of what you would be cooking anyway.

Watch my shaky, weird, second attempt at a video below and watch your email in the morning for the Nalls Dinner Packages - don't delay in your purchase, I can only take orders through 2/10 to ensure that I have all of the components in time for pick-up.

Thanks!! Love you guys!!

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