Friday, February 27, 2015

Announcements Announcements Announcements

While this week is between CSA rounds, I do have three announcements to share with everyone.

First, if you haven't yet signed up for the Early Spring CSA, please do so.  You can register online here, or print the paper form, or email the store.

Second, Nalls is holding a flea market today, Friday Feb. 27th, and tomorrow, Saturday Feb. 28th.  The Friday hours are 3-7pm, and on Saturday the market is open from 11-4.

Photo via Dockery Branch Farms
Finally, Dockery Branch Farms will be at Nalls from 3-6pm today, Friday Feb. 27th.  If you haven't sampled their sausages, you're really missing out!  They have an amazing andouille that isn't so spicy that you can't appreciate the Louisiana flavor.  Their breakfast sausage also makes amazing sausage gravy, and their bottled wing sauce is so good.

There's lots going on, so please stop by!

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