Thursday, June 6, 2013

Just Beet It! Baked Beet Chips

You know I can't help with the puns, so let me get them all out of my system now:  We've got the beet!  All we are saying, is give beets a chance!  Just beet it!  Lettuce, turnip the beet!  Go Navy, beet Army!  Okay, whew, I promise I'm done.

But since we've given you a great veggie dip recipe for the radishes this week, we might as well give you a healthy recipe for something to scoop up all that yummy radish dip with.  So when Crop Share hands you beets, you make beet chips!  These make a delicious and healthy alternative to potato chips, which means you can feel good about eating the entire bowl of radish dip you make.

So click the link below to enjoy this oldie but a goodie from our Nalls' Kitchen archives...

Baked Beet Chips

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