Wednesday, October 9, 2013

As Easy As A.B.C.: Autumn Boozy Cider!

I'm a water, black coffee, and black tea kind of gal.  Yes, I will leave that tea bag (or two, or three) to steep for hours until I have tea-spresso.  The idea of sugar near my beverages makes me cringe and then...October happens.  The minute the calendar flips to my favorite month all I want to do is sit around drinking hot apple cider.  Spiced, un-spiced, spiked, un-spiked, I don't care as long as it has simmered on my stove, filled my whole place with its awesome aroma ,and then likely burnt a layer off my tongue because I'm incapable of letting it cool before I dive in.

So I was super excited when we got mulling spices in store from Halladay's Harvest Barn, especially because they included a sample pack in our order!  Yes, one of the many trials and tribulations of my product samples, and forcing myself to try them.  I know, I'm not sure how I manage, but it's for the good of Nalls and for all of you.  So home I went after being rained on all day and gave the mulling spices a test run.  Naturally I had to slosh some rum into the mix, because it's not a good Crop Share week until I figure out a way to weave booze into it!

The ABC: Autumn Boozy Cider


1 quart apple cider
1 Tbsp Halladay's mulling spice (in store now!)
1-2 shots dark rum (this makes two tall mugs of hot cider, so depending on how much rum you like you add either 1/2 shot or a full shot to each mug)

Bring cider and mulling spices to a low boil on the stove, reduce heat and simmer for 20-30 minutes.  Pour cider through a strainer to discard the mulling spices, and pour into each mug with your preferred amount of rum.  Then sip away!

It should be noted that if I'd had Kraken Rum on hand, I would have actually called this drink, Something Kraken This Way Comes.  I now really regret not having Kraken Rum on hand.  Bugger!

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