Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween! Don't Forget The Sock of Colcannon!

I'm part Irish and I was a goth kid, so Halloween is kinda a big deal for me.  I will always dress up and go somewhere, no matter how old I get.  But another tradition is always whipping up a big batch of colcannon, because it's just the Irish thing to do...and it's an excuse to eat potato product.  Colcannon is mashed potatoes that become a vehicle for cabbage, leeks, chives, and lots and lots of butter.  There's really no magical reason why the Irish traditionally made colcannon for Halloween other than it's made with ingredients that are in season and plentiful right now.  However, legend says that, for all  you single ladies, if you stuff a sock with colcannon into a sock and hang it on your front door tonight, it will bring love your way.  It may also bring stray animals, but hey mashed potatoes in a sock might actually be less crazy than most of the attempts we make to try and attract love.

So enjoy this most spooky of nights, and fuel your inner ghoul with our oldie but a goodie recipe for colcannon!


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