Friday, October 25, 2013

Pin It, Just Pin It!

Clearly all this talk about beets has led me to start singing "Beat It" and now it's morphed into "Pin It."  After midnight is when my brain tends to descend into madness.  It also means that recipe blogging becomes a very, very bad idea lest I fall asleep in the middle of a post and not wake up until 4 am face down on my laptop...again.  So since the Mister is no longer on the night shift and we're enjoying actually being able to spend time together, I didn't get to posting till much later into this evening.  Ah well!

But while you wait for additional Crop Share recipe inspiration, for all of you pinners, get to pinning!  Did you know Nalls Produce is on Pinterest?  Indeed we are!  And along with a bunch of gardening boards, we have a whole series of boards dedicated to each seasonal round of Crop Share.  So be sure to regularly stop and check out our Fall Crop Share Recipes board for more Fall cooking inspiration.  And those of you who send us your Crop Share photos or tag us on Instagram with #onlyatnalls, your photos eventually make their way to our CropShareLove board.  So, from now on when you're faffing about late at night on Pinterest, you can use the excuse that you're just doing Crop Share research.

Happy pinning!

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