Sunday, November 10, 2013

2 Minute Mason Jar Apple Crisp

The Mister and I have a bit of a history when it comes to apple crisp.  In fact, the very first time I met his family, his mom made delicious apple crisp for us.  We had all enjoyed a lovely dinner of a Youngstown favorite -- chili dogs from Jib-Jabs (I will personally fight anyone who says that any other place has better chili dogs) -- and then the Mister and I were given leave to go be super nerds and watch the boxed set of Firefly.  As we're snuggled up on the couch, completely absorbed in this space western, the Mister's mom was in the kitchen whipping up some apple crisp for everyone.  As she was baking away, she sent his younger brother to inquire about popcorn and dessert.  Well, somehow, and naturally something like this can only happen to me, the stitching on my shirt became tangled with a button on the Mister's shirt.  So, in walks my future brother-in-law, we sit up and suddenly I realize...I'm stuck.  Which meant here I am grasping at my top, the Mister is grasping at his shirt, and it all looks very shady and quite scandalous.  So, I had now scarred this 18 year old boy who was clearly going to head straight to his mom and tell her he walked in on us fumbling with my top.  I could tell I was going to make a great impression on this family!  Thankfully, everyone was amazed that such nerds actually found someone to date, and somehow his amazing Mom could already sense I was a comedy of errors waiting to happen.  So no one actually thought I was dropping my top in their tv room an hour after meeting all of them.  And thankfully, neither of us were scarred for life when it came to ever eating apple crisp ever again.  So when I saw this recipe for a 2 minute apple crisp in a mug I knew two things...1.) it needed to be made in a mason jar (because everything needs to come in mason jars) and 2.) apple crisp of this speed will surely save future generations of girls like me from haphazard wardrobe malfunctions, as you'd not even be down the hall before the dessert was ready.  Oh 2 Minute Mason Jar Apple Crisp, where were you in the summer of 2010?  Needless to say, I'm sharing this recipe (and surely a good chuckle) with my mother-in-law!

2 Minute Mason Jar Apple Crisp

1 apple (I used this week's Cameo apples)
2 Tbsp brown sugar
1 Tbsp flour (I used Bob's Red Mill Shortbread Cookie Mix for gluten-free and because I prefer the taste of that mix to their all purpose flour blend which can taste a tad metallic)
2 Tbsp oats (again, I used Bob's Red Mill Gluten-Free Certified Oats)
2 Tbsp butter, melted (or Earth Balance margarine for dairy-free)

Core and thinly slice apple, and toss together in a bowl with the brown sugar and flour until evenly coated.  Add in about 3-4 dashes of cinnamon.

In another bowl combine oats with melted butter, and 2 dashes of cinnamon.

Place apple mixture into a mason jar and then top with the oat mixture.  Then place the jar into the microwave and cook for 2 minutes.  Take care when removing jar as it will be super hot!

You can top with vanilla bean ice cream to make it a la mode (So Delicious makes a killer coconut milk based vanilla bean ice cream) or toss in a few chocolate chips and stir up to let them melt into the crisp (we use Ghiradelli semi-sweet chips as they are dairy & gluten free).

**Update: My brother-in-law just contacted me to let me know he's bringing his girlfriend home to meet the family for the first time.  Naturally, he is having her read this.  Good luck girl, you'll do great...just don't wear anything that easily snags.**

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