Thursday, August 8, 2013

Canary Melon & Basil Popsicles via Whole Living

Have you ever had a canary melon? If not, get ready for a delicious treat.  Very similar in taste to a honeydew, but sweeter.  So while you can always enjoy some refreshing slices of melon as an afternoon treat or after dinner palate cleanser, or even wrap them with prosciutto for an easy yet elegant appetizer, you may also want to take the challenge and make some melon & basil popsicles.  If your basil is growing as out of control as mine is, you'll be needing an excuse to use it up.  Go give a go at this delicious looking recipe from Whole Living.  While the recipe itself calls for honeydew, you'll be easily able to substitute canary melon.

Canary Melon & Basil Popsicles

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