Thursday, August 15, 2013

William Tell's Never-Miss Apple Cake via Taste of Home

I had a bunch of recipes stewing in my brain to give you to for this week's Ginger Gold Apples and then we ran across this, this thing of utter beauty, this apple cake.  No not just any apple cake, as I've had and made plenty of apple cake in my days, but never have I beheld something that calls to me quite like this gorgeous piece of cake courtesy of Taste of Home.  Plus, it calls for carrots so if you still need to use up yours from last week...bake a cake!  So just like legendary Swiss marksman, William Tell, this cake is sure to hit the mark!  You can bet I will concocting a way to make this gluten, dairy & egg free for our household and then will bake it whilst listening to the William Tell Overture, because I am that kind of nerd.

William Tell's Never Miss Apple Cake

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