Thursday, August 8, 2013

Cherry Berry Spritzer

Inspired by the Blackberry Gin Cocktail from Crop Share member Bethany Duffy, I had to try my hand at infusing gin with fruit.  So I took a handful of blackberries from the Crop Share two weeks ago and infused the heck out of some gin.  I followed Bethany's directions to muddle the berries and then add gin, but I allowed mine to steep for about 4-5 days before straining out the blackberries and reserving the blackberry gin.  And then as I was strolling through the grocery I came across a sale on black cherry seltzer, which was pretty much my favorite beverage as a kid (I know, I was a strange kid).  And thus was born in my mind, the Cherry Berry Spritzer!

Cherry Berry Spritzer

Ingredients (for 1 cocktail):
1 shot blackberry infused gin
10-12 oz black cherry seltzer
juice of half a lime
handfull of ice

In a highball glass add blackberry gin and ice, then top with seltzer until glass is nearly full.  Add in juice of half a lime and stir to mix well.  Serve immediately and enjoy the bubbles!

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