Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Great Pickle Experiment: Part 2

Well after four days of fermenting in a sunny spot on my window sill, it was time to unveil the homemade pickles yesterday at cookout with some friends.  Now these weren't just any friends, these were two pickle connoisseurs.  In fact, one of them often receives the pet name of "pickle."  So the pressure was on to see if my pickles would pack a proper punch.  Off came the lid with a loud pop, in went some forks and...drumroll please..."Ooo, yum!"  The verdict was unanimous, these were some pretty yummy pickles!

Now I tend to like mine a tad more vinegary, so next time I make a batch, I'll include an extra slosh or two of vinegar.  But as far as the garlic and salt content, they were spot on.  And the best spot for them...sliced up on some hot dogs with spicy brown mustard!

So this summer, bring your own homemade pickles to the party and dazzle the guests with your kitchen pizzazz!

For the Part 1 and the recipe click here!

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