Wednesday, May 15, 2013

You Say Tomato, I Say...Omnomnomnom!

Perhaps one of the best things about working at Nalls Produce (you know, aside from feeding strawberries to an adorable pig, getting to cuddle baby chicks, being surrounded by beauty all day, and never needing a gym membership because hauling 50 lb boxes of cabbage is giving me Michelle Obama arms) may just be the oodles of fresh tomatoes that start rolling in this time of year!

I mean just look at all that beauty!  So while there are numerous ways you can prepare tomatoes, perhaps my most favorite is simply a fresh tomato sandwich.  Grab yourself a slice of bread or two (in my case it's some Rudi's gluten-free multigrain bread).  Pick out a nice firm tomato, and slice up that tomato into not to thick but not to thin rounds.  Now slather some mayo on that bread and don't be shy (and in this house it's veganaise -- seriously, it tastes just like Miracle Whip -- which to my mind makes it a health food, so the more vegan mayo the better).  Pile on slices of tomato over that mayo and either enjoy it as an open face sandwich or slap that other slice of bread on top and prepare to be transported to tomato nirvana.

Who's ready for lunch?

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